Sunday, 29 April 2012

Zurker – A New Social Network You Can Own Zurker isn't that cool

You may not have heard about “Zurker” as it’s totally new, not only new blog or website but it is also – A Newly Released Social Network. After the insane popularity of Facebook and twitter not many people think about opening a new social networking site, probably because those person who are busy with ‘like’ and ‘share’ stuff! But there are exceptions who take a choose new idea and try to do something ‘different’ and ‘better than other’, and is different! In present days it is open for publicly.


“Why we need Zurker when we have already Google+ and Facebook?” 

Here answer is, “It is functionally better than FB and G+. FB and G+ are use to be created for their corporate clients with their big goals. When Zurker is owned by its members. This well designed product is  created to do just one thing, work well for their users, and its revenue is passed on to the end users.”


You may got some questions running in your mind? Let me answer:

What is Zurker?

Let me tell you it is a one kind of Social Networking Site. One ‘unique’ thing about it, that no one does have even Facebook and Google+ doesn’t have? 'One person can create only one account.' And It's also an important rule it looks live they don't need extra mash up around it. That's dam good condition using it they can avoid fake person or user.

What is really special about Zurker?

Unlike other social website( web 2.0 website ) Zurker gives You an ownership of it.When you create your account in zurker you will receive a V-Share at every time you refer your friends to it. In future it will be added in an to your V-Shares. May be it will be not well corporated as a company when 1,000,000 V-shares have been allocated to their users. (There are some Terms and conditions for it and it’s also have limited time period: know more about V-Shares, click here)

It is driven by Peoples choice.

"Zurkers team believe that if our members own the project, they will gracefully  contribute ideas and feedback, allowing the development team to develop the application most in tune with what their users actually want."

Does Zurker also use the ‘traditional’ terms? such as “Like” “Recommend” “Share” or “Plus One”?
No! Just – “Zurks”
"No they don't have this kind of any traditional term but they have one new kind of  term which known as 'Zurk' only on word to appreciate for truth about your friend 's sharing you like"
Is it available worldwide users?
No, Not really yet. It is currently available in 7 different country like India, United States, Philippines, Canada ,United Kingdom,New Zealand, and Australia. Each country’s Zurker website is an independent object which was owned by residents of that country.
Zurker is starting off as a small entity nobody has even heard about it, but we have a clever strategy for growing quickly and developing an great product design

Click Here To Join Zurker And Be The Part Of New Future


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