Thursday, 18 October 2012

Adobe Flash Player Crash Report

Have you seen the message from website like this “The adobe flash plugin has crashed & Send crash report” or from Firefox pop up bar on top, if yes than you must read this article.

My 4 friends told me that they are using latest version of Firefox browser and also latest version of adobe flash player too. Still they are facing same problem about adobe flash player plugin crash.

So after that what I have done, I started research on that problem and find multiple solution
Let me explain it briefly one by one for you.

Problem (1) Are you using outdated version of Firefox or Adobe Flash Player?

=> If you are facing this problem then solution is quite simple, just update your Firefox and Flash player.
=> Now Update of plugin and browser are available on their websites.

Problem (2) Are you using beta or testing version of flash player?

=> If this is your problem then you should use stable version of Firefox and adobe flash player.

Problem (3) Are you using some malicious plugin with adobe flash player.

=> Try to disable those extra plugin and check one by one. If you find that plugin then my advice is that you should not use it.
=> This problem also arises due to plugin conflict. So you have to find that plugin and may be use their forum to get solution about it

Problem (4) Also this problem happens because of the system defects or may be because of the some bug or virus problem.

=> First uninstall Mozilla Firefox (or Any browser you are using) also uninstall adobe flash player plugin.
=> Repair your system remove bugs and virus from your system and reinstall Mozilla Firefox (or any browser) also reinstall adobe flash player.

I hope my solution will help you ……..Enjoy :)

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