Sunday, 21 April 2013

Increase PC Speed: Optimize Your Computer And Help Your PC Run Faster

Your PC speed decreasing day by day and you don’t know what to do with it. Optimizing your computer is an essential task for its user why because at end we do not like to work slowly, we are addicted to fact life.

So, here I have collected some information that will help you to optimize you PC. This all task and utilities are provided with Windows OS which was installed in your computer.

You do not need to buy or even download it from somewhere from internet. So don’t worry about it.

Let’s get started with it

Here is a list of tools you can use it for optimization of PC

1.    Run Check Disk

2.    Run Disk Cleanup

3.    Run Disk Defragmenter

Now you are thinking where can I find them and how can i use it them

Step 1: First open Start menu (Windows Menu)

Step2: Now Go to All Programs

Step3: Click on Accessories

Step 4: Locate System Tools and open it.

Here you can find all kind different system performance measurement and improvement tools. Use these tools for your batter experience with windows PC. Use these three tools every week and enjoy high performance speed of your PC.

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