Friday, 11 May 2012

How to convert a WPS File Extension in other File extension

Now what is WPS?
File name.wps extension stands for Word Processing Software similar like Microsoft word document (.DOC). WPS now available totally free with all Microsoft major products. You can still use those Microsoft works files (.WPS) with little bit of effort, you need to convert it first.
Step1: First you have to open Microsoft word
            “If you don’t know how to open Microsoft word, follow these simple steps.
i) Click on Windows logo in bottom-left corner”
ii) Type ‘Microsoft Word’ in search box at bottom of start menu. 
    You will find if you have installed it
iii) Click on Microsoft word or hit enter.”
Step 2: Click on >‘File Menu’ then Click on >‘OPEN’
Step 3: Now choose the .wps file location and open it in Microsoft Word
Step 4: Click on >’File Menu’ again and click on >‘Save As’
Step 5: Now you have different option of saving the file. Microsoft Word should save it in different format what you have selected in menu like Example.doc or Example.

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