Friday, 19 April 2013

Evolution In Mouse As Input Device Technology

We use mouse everyday with our desktop computer. Mouse is an input device for computer. We use it for anything we want to do in our computer.

           But we haven’t heard about its new technology lately.

Here are some old to new technology I have classified

In 1960, computer scientists invented first mouse technology. This technology is used for first pointer based input device. But this technology is not available for everyone. After 10 years of research and R&D they finally launched Ball-type mouse and sold with home PCs in 1980.

Finally in 1990’s optical mouse technology introduced to electronic consumers.  This technology is very good for both customer and manufacturer.

                          “Since then nothing really changed in mouse technology”

        But in recent few years many new comers comes in market showed different kind of innovative idea about mouse technology. Like using laser mouse to identify gesture of finger and do pointer job for cursor and mouse movement.

Laser Mouse

        New technology like Airmouse also use gesture to identify all king of input device signal for computer.


This kind technology is evaluated by many small electronics company and they also launched many different prototype of laser keyboard and laser mouse. 

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