Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Games Hang Up Or Game Slow Down Problem

Hello My Dear Friends,

Games hang up problem or game slow down problem is a big issue for those game players who are playing game for passion and huge Entertainment. In present world people love to enjoy games, they also relate with their emotions. When you play a game on top and you find yourself one of this kind of problem then you must read this solution.

Problem 1) Games Hang Up Problem


=>Normally Games Hang up problem arises due to some mistakes like long term play on game device. Then what you going to do with it just give your device some rest and restart the device and play again.  

 =>Why this happens because of high heating of your game device or processing sequence error in your device generated by some software issue. If you are facing heating problem then use some high quality cooling system with your device. And if you got software processing sequence error then just reset your device and reinstalls whole game.

=>Some time it happens because of some Input/output erroneous device you are using. If you got this problem then replace your Input/output device with new one.

=>Also if the requirement of game is not fulfill by you device this problem may arise.

Example: If you are using PC then follow these steps.

=>Step 1: Open Run dialog box.

=>Step 2: Type Dxdiag in it and press enter.

=>Now Directx Diagnostic tool box will appear click on Yes.

=> Now you can see all working device information about system, display and sound. Here you can check your configuration of your whole system and compare with your game requirement. If all good then play your game and enjoy.

Problem 2) Game slow down problem


=>Are you hit by this game problem? Then here is some solution tips for you my friends.

=> First check your video memory and graphics memory and match the requirement of your game.

=>Second make your virtual memory paging big. Here are steps to follow.

Step 1: Right click on Computer (Computer in Windows 7 and My Computer in Windows Xp)  and click on Properties.

Step 2: Click on Advanced System Settings

Step 3: Now click on Settings button. Defined in Performance box.

Step 4: In Performance Options select Advanced tab.

Step 5: Now Click on Change button.

Step 6: Now uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” on Virtual memory box.

Step 7: Here you have to select  “system managed ”drive. After that choose “custom size” and make your virtual memory size big, nearly 6 gb to 10 gb. Save it and restart your computer……..Enjoy.

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