Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to Format a Hard Drive with Windows XP

If you want to format a hard drive with installing Windows XP
It is very useful for clearing everything off a secondary drive (Windows XP Was not installed) or installing a fresh copy of Windows.
Formatting a computer hard disk is simple and helps to remove viruses, storage problems and other hard problems.

Guide lines

Step 1: When you format a computer hard disk you will lose all data on that disk drive. So, backup it first. And you have also need windows XP disk and driver disk too.
Step 2: You need to backup also the My Document data and your bookmark plus your favorite sites list form your browser
Step 3: Save your data before formatting

Guide lines for installing the XP and formatting the drive

Step 1: Here we can install afresh copy of Windows XP and Formatting the Hard Drive So backup your data first
Step 2: Insert your Windows XP Bootable disc into your CD drive [Any edition doesn’t matter].
Step 3: Your cd boots and you see this message "Press any key to boot from CD...” so press any key.
Step 4: It took some time to load up all files and you see many message choose "Press ENTER to set up Windows XP." Press Enter or you can return.
Step 5: Here you select where you want install XP. Also you can delete the partition. You also see partition list. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select your "C:" partition and press the 'D' key (also you see this "Unpartitioned space" and you have no C: or D: partitions, skip this step).press enter next screen press the 'L' key to deleting the partition permanently.
Step 6: Now you are back on the screen to choose where to install Windows. if you see this "Unpartitioned space xxxxMB." Select this with the arrow keys and press the 'C' key to create a partition. Choose whatever you like.
Step 7: In Next screen you see this "C: Partition1 [New (Raw)]xxxxxxMB." select this entry and press enter.
Step 8: Choose NTFS File system and with quick format and press enter.
Step 9: Here windows will install in system so wait for it.

Guide lines for formatting the secondary disk drive

Step 1: First Right-Click on the "My Computer" and select "Manage."
Step 2: The window titled "Computer Management" will up. Select "Storage" from lest side, then select "Disk Management (local)" from right side by double-clicking it.
Step 3: Here you see the partition editor. Partitions are separations of space on a drive. You need one partition per drive.
Step 4: Select the partition right-clicking on the partition's box and selecting "Delete Partition", Click on yes.
Step 5: Now you see "Unallocated" under its size. Right click on it and select "New Partition...", The New Partition windows up.
Step 6: In the New Partition Window click next. Select "Primary Partition" and click next. Choose size and click next again. Choose drive letter or computer choose for you, and then click next.
Step 7: Choose NTFS file system for formatting. Leave the "Allocation unit size" as "Default." Enter volume label and click finish
Step 8: Wait for some time when you see the drive was healthy you can use it its done....enjoy...

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