Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to Make a Graph Using Excel

Using Microsoft Excel we can create a graph easily. All you need to do give all data to graph and it creates for you graph. Excel also provide multiple option to select which option we need.

Microsoft Excel 2007

Step 1: Give Label name to data you want to graph. In Row 1, type the label name for each cell of data you  plan to graph. For example, type "week" in cell A1 and "day" in cell B1.
Step 2: Enter the data that you need to plot a graph. Under the label name you have to put at the top of each column, type the information you need to in graph. For an example, type the week of the month under the name in Column A ("MON" in A2) and the cells under the heading in Column B, to correspond with the week in Column A.

Step 3: Select the data for the graph which you needed. In Excel spreadsheet you need click on data and drag in it.

Step 4: Click on the "Insert" tab, Top of the sheet.

Step 5: Locate the "Charts" section of the insert level. Many types of graphs (called "charts" in Excel) are available there.

Step 6: Click on the type of graph you need to create. When you select that the options for that type of graph will display on sheet.

Step 7: Click on the option for the graph you need to create on Excel. Then Excel provides the graph on the Excel Spreadsheet according to your data which are included by you.

Step 8: If you need to change the title or any text you can easily edit it just click on It and write whatever you need to.

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